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VirtualStar4U is a virtual assistant company that provides all-around back/front-end office support to overwhelming entrepreneurs, executive, and management businesses of all sizes and services. We even support parents, elders, and students; anyone in need of a second pair of hands, we are here to help. 

Our Mission:

  • To provide precise availability, outstanding, and authenticity for every client.

Our Motto:

  • Maintain a satisfy client at all expense.
  • Provide a service where the pricing is unbeatable without compromising work.

A Word from Owner

Howdy guys, I'm Tina Davis, the proud owner of VirtualStar4U. Let me first say thank you for visiting my website. I am so excited that you’re contemplating using VirtualStar4U.

Now about me -smile- I am a savvy with 25+ years of Administrative Support, thinking outside the box to efficiently achieve your task is my paramount concern - now you can call me a go-getter. My background experience includes Customer Service Support, Office Management, Governmental Development, Project Management, Sales & Marketing and Training Management. I worked at call centers, manufactures, retail, non-profit organizations, behavioral health centers, post-secondary education systems, government, environmental, pharmaceutical, and computer industries.

Working as a solo, I have incorporated my 25+ years of knowledge and experience into building a strong foundation for VirtualStar4U. As a business owner, I appreciate the sensitiveness of providing precise service, having an open ear to the required necessitates of an assignment, and the ability to have work turned over quickly. 


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